Pasos 2 Lesson 2C. Learn about object pronouns in Spanish.

In this lesson Lola gets stood up. You learn the difference between direct and indirect object pronouns in Spanish. You write an angry (drunk!) letter from Lolita. She won’t be stood up again!

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Spanish lesson about LOOKING FOR WORK

Download the presentation and follow the video lesson to increase your vocabulario y confianza en español. Please let me know in the comments on YouTube if you feel you need English subtítulos. Gracias.

Enjoy your lesson

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Pasos 2 Lesson 2A Intermediate Spanish Lesson about JOBS

Name that job, then say where the person works and what they have to do. Expanding your vocabulary is key to moving on with your español. Download the presentation and watch the video to follow the lesson. Remember to be preparado con un boli y un cuaderno para escribir, and have that finger poised on the pause button to give yourself time to completar las tareas. Enjoy your lesson.

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Easy Spanish Reader
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Pasos Book 2 Unit 2E. Spanish lesson about job interviews.

Download the presentation for lesson 2E. Learn lots of vocabulary and practice structures to give advice. Then watch the video lesson with your Pasos book at hand.

Watch the video for this lesson below. It is a longer video, but still not as long as a lesson delivered in class. Of course, that is because there is less chat, and you WILL have to pause the video to complete the tasks.

Spanish lesson about job interviews.

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Pasos 2 Unit 2 Section D

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Get the most from the PASOS 2, unit 2D lesson with this presentation. All the vocab, examples and links in one easy place. Use in conjunction with the video below.

Watch the video and use the presentation to get the most from Pasos 2 Unit 2D

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