To learn, you need persistence.

To persist, you need to understand.

Español, en lenguaje you can comprender

¿Qué hay?

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YouTube courses and materials

100 Days of Spanish is a video course for beginners, free at point of access. Like the videos, subscribe to the course and recommend my channel on your social media. Then write to me for your free 100 page PDF of my notes to accompany the course.

Start very easy and enjoy the progression

The Daily Word Builder focuses on one word for a week so you can build a word web of vocabulary around that word and really get to know many of its uses.

The Daily Word Builder 3 minute videos are a great way to start your day

The Pasos Support Videos give you a little extra listening to accompany your Pasos journey. Pasos means steps, and this series will guide you in good learning habits and applying the Spanish you learn to the situations in your life. There is one video for each section of the book, and it is a work in progress.

Learn Spanish conversation with this series of questions and answers