Learn Spanish with Spanglish.

Because nobody begins at “perfect”.

Español, en lenguaje you can comprender

¿Qué hay?

  1. Would you like a full course, Introduction to Spanish? Check out the link to 100 Days of Spanish. Book to follow in July 2021.
  2. How about daily vocabulary videos? The Daily Word Builder series is the one for you!
  3. Do you want to develop your Spanish with the support of a textbook? Spanish lessons to accompany the Pasos, Spanish for Beginners course are now being published on our YouTube channel.
  4. Do you like to read to learn? Go to the bookshops and grab a copy of SPANGLISH FANTASTICO, or the highly entertaining JOKES TO HELP YOU LEARN SPANISH.
  5. Have you got a question? Get in touch. You can comment on my videos, you can join the LEARN SPANISH THROUGH SPANGLISH facebook page, or you can write to me, ruth@spanglishfantastico.com (I check my emails weekly, and respond as soon as I can).


YouTube courses and materials

100 Days of Spanish is a video course for beginners, free at point of access. Like the videos, subscribe to the course and recommend my channel on your social media. Then write to me for your free 100 page PDF of my notes to accompany the course.

Start very easy and enjoy the progression

The Daily Word Builder focuses on one word for a week so you can build a word web of vocabulary around that word and really get to know many of its uses.

The Daily Word Builder 3 minute videos are a great way to start your day

The Pasos Support Videos give you a little extra listening to accompany your Pasos journey. Pasos means steps, and this series will guide you in good learning habits and applying the Spanish you learn to the situations in your life. There is one video for each section of the book, and it is a work in progress.