Pasos 2 Lesson 2A Intermediate Spanish Lesson about JOBS

Name that job, then say where the person works and what they have to do. Expanding your vocabulary is key to moving on with your español. Download the presentation and watch the video to follow the lesson. Remember to be preparado con un boli y un cuaderno para escribir, and have that finger poised on the pause button to give yourself time to completar las tareas. Enjoy your lesson.

Want to improve your fluency? Pick up your copy of Spanglish Fantastico, a super easy reader to improve your speaking confidence.

Easy Spanish Reader
Easy Spanish reader

Enjoy your lesson. Remember, learning is an active process. Note down all the new words and phrases en inglés y en español. Test yourself on your recall of them manaña. Y por favor, leave a comment in YouTube to tell us what your profesión es o era. Muchas gracias.

Watch lesson 2A of Pasos 2. You will need a copy of Pasos 2 to properly engage con esta clase. Buy your copy here.

Be sure to subscribe so you can easily follow the complete Pasos course as each lesson is published. Gracias por tu apoyo. Ruth.

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