Persuade me in Spanish! Two examples

I’d like you to come on holiday with me. I fancy a road trip to take in some beautiful countryside, a steam railway and finish it off with a day at the spa. Can you persuade me to do something even better than that? Let’s look at the vocab and the language, and study together to raise our nivel de español. ¿Vamos?

Your challenge, should you choose to acceptarlo, es escribirme sobre lo que vamos a hacer de vacaciones juntos. Use plenty of future tenses, and remember! Make it persuasive, or I won’t come!

La idea es aumentar nuestro nivel de español. Do you have any favourite phrases from today’s lesson? Make a note, and share the best ones in the comments.

Hasta la próxima,

Ruth 🙂

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Spanish Vocab: Holiday heaven? Or holiday hell?

We all know what we think of staying in a tent in the rain, or in a noisy hotel packed with drunk tourists … but can you talk about it en español? Download the presentation, watch the video, complete the tasks and enjoy your growing vocabulary. You are using your time wisely!

Lesson based on Pasos 2, page 39, activity 8. Please hit “Like” on the YouTube video. Gracias.

Your challenge, should you choose to acceptarlo, es escribir un blog sobre varios tipos de vacaciones. Se titula “El paraíso de las vacaciones o el infierno de las vacaciones… ¡Qué elegir!”

La idea es escribir sobre tus preferencias, reconociendo lo malo de lo que te gusta y lo bueno de lo que no te gusta. If you would like to share your work, email me, or simply put it in the YouTube comments. Podría ser valioso y entretenido para nuestra pequeña comunidad leer sus ideas.

Hasta la próxima,

Ruth 🙂

Spanglish For Your Holiday. A great gift to get someone you love started with learning español. Click here.

Check out the other books in my bookshop:

Ready for more? Listen to Joaquín Sabina’s wonderful song, Ruido with the lyrics. Then follow the link to the lesson from ELE and complete the tasks. ¿Tienes preguntas? Just drop me a line 🙂

Worth it, even if only for the competent clapping of a Spanish audience!

Practice Spanish Future Verbs

Revise your future tense verbs, memorising the endings and the “dirty dozen” – the 12 irregular stem forms. If you follow all the instructions in this lesson you will get some really good practice which will improve your confidence using Spanish, and improve your Spanish vocabulary.

Download your copy of the presentation, including all recommended links and all the examples in the video.

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GCSE Spanish Speaking Exam THE HELP YOU NEED!!!

Watch the video to get used to the questions and hear plenty of suggested answers for each. There are 8 questions per theme, with answers for each in multiple parts. You will be able to use or adapt many of the suggestions.

Don’t forget to download the PDF. You will be able to use it to make flashcards and really get to know the content. Whether you are doing your GCSE Spanish, or simply advancing your Spanish conversations, it is as well to be really familiar with these questions so that you can talk with confidence.

Get comfortable with Spanish with this super easy reader. It starts in a blend of English and Spanish, progressing to a richer mix of Spanish as you move through the book. This is learning without the effort, and you can finish the book in quite a short time. Read a sample or buy your copy today.

Easy Spanish Reader
Easy Spanish reader

Complete your preparation for Spanish conversation with two more tasks.

The roleplays are guided conversations for you to prepare … some of them are conversations with an imaginary friend (!) and there are others in a shop, a ticket office, a restaurant or a travel agency. Learn the questions and answers for each one, then adapt them as needed when you get into the real situation.

The photocards have some questions that you can prepare in advance. You will always be asked to describe the picture, then there are a couple of questions related to the theme of the photocard … questions that you are given in your preparation time. You will also be asked a couple of questions that you are not given in your preparation time. Get used to these examples. Whatever you are asked shouldn’t be too different from these examples.

Good luck with your GCSE Spanish. Have fun chatting in Spanish. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments of the videos, and share them with your friends … then you will be able to practice together. Gracias.

Pasos 2 Lesson 2C. Learn about object pronouns in Spanish.

In this lesson Lola gets stood up. You learn the difference between direct and indirect object pronouns in Spanish. You write an angry (drunk!) letter from Lolita. She won’t be stood up again!

Download the presentation so you have all the resources you need to follow this lesson.

Enjoy your lesson. You will need a copy of Pasos book 2.

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Pronouns were also studied in Pasos 1. Why not dive deeper by looking at these additional lessons? Please remember to like the videos, to give me a smile … or even better, use the comments in YouTube to say “hola” and ask any questions you may have. Gracias por tu atención y compañía.

How to do a Spanish Roleplay buying tickets

Follow the notes. Get a friend or relative to read the teacher part, and see how well you do. All the time you will be learning key phrases that will help you in your exam. Good luck.

Watch the video to get pronunciation and top tips for a good grade.

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If you would like to listen to more roleplay examples, make sure you watch the grand compilation here. There is a link in the video description if you would like to download all the scripts. Good luck in your exams and I hope you enjoy speaking Spanish when you get the opportunity. ¡Suerte!

Spanish lesson about LOOKING FOR WORK

Download the presentation and follow the video lesson to increase your vocabulario y confianza en español. Please let me know in the comments on YouTube if you feel you need English subtítulos. Gracias.

Enjoy your lesson

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Pasos 2 Lesson 2A Intermediate Spanish Lesson about JOBS

Name that job, then say where the person works and what they have to do. Expanding your vocabulary is key to moving on with your español. Download the presentation and watch the video to follow the lesson. Remember to be preparado con un boli y un cuaderno para escribir, and have that finger poised on the pause button to give yourself time to completar las tareas. Enjoy your lesson.

Want to improve your fluency? Pick up your copy of Spanglish Fantastico, a super easy reader to improve your speaking confidence.

Easy Spanish Reader
Easy Spanish reader

Enjoy your lesson. Remember, learning is an active process. Note down all the new words and phrases en inglés y en español. Test yourself on your recall of them manaña. Y por favor, leave a comment in YouTube to tell us what your profesión es o era. Muchas gracias.

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Pasos Book 2 Unit 2E. Spanish lesson about job interviews.

Download the presentation for lesson 2E. Learn lots of vocabulary and practice structures to give advice. Then watch the video lesson with your Pasos book at hand.

Watch the video for this lesson below. It is a longer video, but still not as long as a lesson delivered in class. Of course, that is because there is less chat, and you WILL have to pause the video to complete the tasks.

Spanish lesson about job interviews.

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Linda’s Learning Journey

I’m learning español because learning un segundo lenguaje (say “len-gwa-he”) later in life is supposed to ayudar con la función cognitiva y reducir los riesgos de desarrollar demencia as we age.  I am very excited to add un segundo lenguaje also because tengo pacientes que hablan español.  Soy un médico de familia en el sur de California so there are quite a lot of Spanish speaking patients, y aunque la mayoría de ellos hablan inglés mucho mejor que yo hablo español, I enjoy being able to at least do part of my visit en su idioma nativo.

Estudié español durante dos años en la escuela primaria and always remembered los saludos and how to introduce myself en español.  When I was young mi padre compró a set of records that had lecciones de español on them, so my brother and I listened to those, a veces los fines de semana o durante nuestras vacaciones de verano, our summer vacaciones.

I took a year of Spanish or two perhaps en la escuela secudaria, aunque honestamente no recuerdo ever attending a class, but I did get an A in it so that was bueno.  And I’ve always just enjoyed aprender palabras nuevas, whether they be en inglés o en español, porque me resulta challenging to improve mi vocabulario in both languages.

In my early fifties I started dating, after un tiempo muy largo of avoiding men después de mi divorcio.  I tended to attract a hombres latinos, which was really kind of fun, y mi español rudimentario me resultaba útil a veces, at times. 

I decided to find una clase, busqué on our local meet-up group, and found a tutor que estaba ofreciendo clases de español para principiantes, beginners, in a neighbouring ciudad.  Nos reunimos en varios restaurantes y usamos un libro that was a Spanish high school level textbook.  I did that durante dos años and then nuestra tutora decidió to move to Boca Raton, Florida, con un hombre she had met on internet dating, por lo que esa clase de fin de semana stopped cuando ella se mudó. 

I then checked mi colegio comunitario local y ofrecieron algo de español conversacional para estudiantes adultos.  So I signed up en la clase de español 1 which met in the evenings after work.  Estaba un poco enamorada del instructor so I really performed very well because I wanted him to see que yo era un estudiante interesada and engaged. 

Participé con mis compañeros de clase, and there were 4 or 5 of us that enrolled para el Español 2, which started a explorar algo del pretérito.  We only had 8 semanas de leccionesand I really didn’t feel que eso fuera suficiente, así que el grupo de nosotros that wanted to seguir estudiando español le pedimos al instructor si podía ofrecer un español 3.  Unfortunately he did not have a contract to do that con el colegio comunitario, pero prometió that if we signed up en Español 2 por segunda vez, nos presentaría al menos 4 lecciones nuevas that would still be acceptable for somebody que fuera nuevo en Español 2.  So that was a lot of fun and got mucha experiencia hablando en voz alta, speaking aloud, answering questions, reading aloud, in a classroom setting.

Once that expired, I tried to attend a un instituto de español local, pero desafortunadamente sus clases realmente no estaban en la hora adecuada.  I had tested into intermediate Spanish and they moved tan rápido que estaba realmente fatigada after each work day that I would go into class and I just found that no podía aprender all of that much.  So en ese momento abandoné la capacitación formal, formal training, and just started watching algunas novelas en la televisión y a comprar libros para niños, that I was familiar with the story line, para leer en español, to kind of further my lessons.  Cuando llegó la pandemia en 2020, I had just begun to study with Duolingo, and I have continued to do that hasta el presente.

También comencé a usar an app called EWA spelled EWA, and it has very nice little vignettes that are pulled from various movies and cartoons and things.  They overlay it and overdub it en españoland so they go over greetings and things and so you get to a hablantes nativos hablando español de diferentes regiones, so you get a different way of hearing gracias or grathias, and so it kind of helps to attune my ear con los diferentes tipos de hispanohablantes.

También vi los videos de Spanglish Fantástico en YouTube, and I bought the Pasos books, y esa es una de mis intenciones para este año, is to work through el currículum completo de Pasos, porque me gusta escucharte, because I do like listening to you Ruth, hablar en español.  Hablas con lentitud y claridad y enuncias muy bien, and I find that that helps me to be less hesitant a la hora de intentar hablar en español.  Because I’ve heard it at a un ritmo que puedo asimilar, I know how the word sounds and how the various stresses fall dentro de cada palabra. 

No hablo otros idiomas aparte del inglés.  Yo hablo inglés nativo.  En mi comunidad, hay muchos latinos, or as they like to call themselves aquí en el sur de California, LatinX people.  My housekeeper es de Guatemala, un país centroamericano.  My mother’s handyman y su familia son de México.  They used to live with my parents cuando eran nuevos en este estado, to this state.  My mother helped Berta, la madre, a estudiar para obtener citizenship aquí en los Estados Unidos, and my parents also loaned dinero a su familia to buy their first home in our area, así que tengo mucha interacción con personas que hablan español as their first language. 

I do use José and his son, Josecito, to help me a mejorar mi conversación en español.  I usually try to speak to them half en español.  I’m not afraid to ask, “¿cómo se llama …?” something, or “did I say that right?”  José me dice que mi pronunciación en español es bastante buena, so that makes me feel good coming de un hablante nativo.  Y tengo pacientes que hablan español and are willing to put up with me when I try to hablar español con ellos, so I really appreciate that.  I do hear español con frecuencia donde vivo.  Again, nuestro jardinero es español, our handyman is Spanish, my mother’s housekeeper habla español; ella también es de México. 

I listen to Spanish radio a veces in my car.  It’s always fun to hear esta descripción muy larga y rápida de algo, and hear them say, “in Von’s Market,” en un inglés muy claro, so I find that to be delightful.  Me encanta la música pop latina.  Hay varios grupos que escucho con frecuencia, como Camila, Reik, Maná y Sin Bandera.  También Enrique Iglesias, Carlos Vives y Shakira.  I have a few Spanish movies, mostly from México, that I will watch, y tienen subtítulos en inglés, así que puedo seguirlas.  la primera temporada de Narcos, en streaming, and it was just a little too violento, although I enjoyed the listening a los hispanohablantes.

I still feel rather hesitant en entablar una conversación con personas que no conozco porque me falta confianza in my ability to think as I go.  Although I will say que practico hablar español en mi automóvil con los conductores estúpidos around me.  I will curse at them en español, or I will try de identificar diferentes formas de transporte, como “hay un autobús” o “hay un metro, ” o cosas así.  I’ll say, there’s this, there’s that. Trato, o intento, de identificar las cosas y practicar el vocabulario de esa manera. 

Tengo muchos textos en español con los que podría practicar.  Definitivamente quiero pasar por todo el programa Pasos con tus videos de YouTube.  También hay varias otras series que puedo hacer.  I really like having workbooks where there may be una historia en la que tienes que fill in the blank, o escribir essays.  Those are really hard to come by, or at least, I found them difíciles de encontrar.  Me gusta written homework.  Cuando estaba in the meet up había una serie de ejercicios al final de cada capítulo y me encantaba hacerlos.   I would hand write them and then I would type them on the computer para acostumbrarme a encontrar los acentos correctos within a word, or how to flip la puntuación para que fuera correcta en español, así que eso me gustó mucho.

Creo que probablemente siempre seré a life long learner for Spanish.  Realmente no siento que pueda hacer the tenses other than the present, de una manera que me permita llamarme a true intermediate.  Hopefully with time I will gain la confianza para intentarlo más, because saying, ya sabes, “ I went to the store yesterday,” and pointing back like I’m expecting somebody to realise that when I point over my shoulder me refiero a ayer.  It would be nice tener mucha más fluidez in that capacity.  So I’m hoping these little vignettes I’m giving you sean útiles para su proyecto.