Persuade me in Spanish! Two examples

I’d like you to come on holiday with me. I fancy a road trip to take in some beautiful countryside, a steam railway and finish it off with a day at the spa. Can you persuade me to do something even better than that? Let’s look at the vocab and the language, and study together to raise our nivel de español. ¿Vamos?

Your challenge, should you choose to acceptarlo, es escribirme sobre lo que vamos a hacer de vacaciones juntos. Use plenty of future tenses, and remember! Make it persuasive, or I won’t come!

La idea es aumentar nuestro nivel de español. Do you have any favourite phrases from today’s lesson? Make a note, and share the best ones in the comments.

Hasta la próxima,

Ruth 🙂

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Spanish Vocab: Holiday heaven? Or holiday hell?

We all know what we think of staying in a tent in the rain, or in a noisy hotel packed with drunk tourists … but can you talk about it en español? Download the presentation, watch the video, complete the tasks and enjoy your growing vocabulary. You are using your time wisely!

Lesson based on Pasos 2, page 39, activity 8. Please hit “Like” on the YouTube video. Gracias.

Your challenge, should you choose to acceptarlo, es escribir un blog sobre varios tipos de vacaciones. Se titula “El paraíso de las vacaciones o el infierno de las vacaciones… ¡Qué elegir!”

La idea es escribir sobre tus preferencias, reconociendo lo malo de lo que te gusta y lo bueno de lo que no te gusta. If you would like to share your work, email me, or simply put it in the YouTube comments. Podría ser valioso y entretenido para nuestra pequeña comunidad leer sus ideas.

Hasta la próxima,

Ruth 🙂

Spanglish For Your Holiday. A great gift to get someone you love started with learning español. Click here.

Check out the other books in my bookshop:

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Worth it, even if only for the competent clapping of a Spanish audience!

Practice Spanish Future Verbs

Revise your future tense verbs, memorising the endings and the “dirty dozen” – the 12 irregular stem forms. If you follow all the instructions in this lesson you will get some really good practice which will improve your confidence using Spanish, and improve your Spanish vocabulary.

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Easy Spanish Reader
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Pasos 2 Lesson 2C. Learn about object pronouns in Spanish.

In this lesson Lola gets stood up. You learn the difference between direct and indirect object pronouns in Spanish. You write an angry (drunk!) letter from Lolita. She won’t be stood up again!

Download the presentation so you have all the resources you need to follow this lesson.

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Pronouns were also studied in Pasos 1. Why not dive deeper by looking at these additional lessons? Please remember to like the videos, to give me a smile … or even better, use the comments in YouTube to say “hola” and ask any questions you may have. Gracias por tu atención y compañía.

How to do a Spanish Roleplay buying tickets

Follow the notes. Get a friend or relative to read the teacher part, and see how well you do. All the time you will be learning key phrases that will help you in your exam. Good luck.

Watch the video to get pronunciation and top tips for a good grade.

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If you would like to listen to more roleplay examples, make sure you watch the grand compilation here. There is a link in the video description if you would like to download all the scripts. Good luck in your exams and I hope you enjoy speaking Spanish when you get the opportunity. ¡Suerte!

Spanish lesson about LOOKING FOR WORK

Download the presentation and follow the video lesson to increase your vocabulario y confianza en español. Please let me know in the comments on YouTube if you feel you need English subtítulos. Gracias.

Enjoy your lesson

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Pasos 2 Lesson 2A Intermediate Spanish Lesson about JOBS

Name that job, then say where the person works and what they have to do. Expanding your vocabulary is key to moving on with your español. Download the presentation and watch the video to follow the lesson. Remember to be preparado con un boli y un cuaderno para escribir, and have that finger poised on the pause button to give yourself time to completar las tareas. Enjoy your lesson.

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Easy Spanish Reader
Easy Spanish reader

Enjoy your lesson. Remember, learning is an active process. Note down all the new words and phrases en inglés y en español. Test yourself on your recall of them manaña. Y por favor, leave a comment in YouTube to tell us what your profesión es o era. Muchas gracias.

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Lesson 1: Words you know!

I teach español to children who have eleven or twelve years, once o doce años, and I want to share what I am doing with you.

You might be a school teacher or you might be a home educator.  Lo importante thing to know is that you don’t have to speak español yourself to deliver these clases to your niños … it is perfectamente posible to learn with them as we go along.  If you have any doubts please get in touch with me … I will do everything I can to help.

I am a fan of slow and steady, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!  It just means that I recognise that other people might learn as slowly as I do, so I revisit the same words y frases throughout el curso.

¡Let’s comenzar!  Each clase lasts aproximadamente una hora, 1 hour.  Download the powerpoint, watch el video, and message me with any questions whenever you like.  I hope you enjoy estas clases as much as I do.

Un saludo,


Lesson 1 below.  Click here for a link to the other Key Stage 3 lessons.  Enjoy!


A crossword for homework!