Spanish Vocab: Holiday heaven? Or holiday hell?

We all know what we think of staying in a tent in the rain, or in a noisy hotel packed with drunk tourists … but can you talk about it en español? Download the presentation, watch the video, complete the tasks and enjoy your growing vocabulary. You are using your time wisely!

Lesson based on Pasos 2, page 39, activity 8. Please hit “Like” on the YouTube video. Gracias.

Your challenge, should you choose to acceptarlo, es escribir un blog sobre varios tipos de vacaciones. Se titula “El paraíso de las vacaciones o el infierno de las vacaciones… ¡Qué elegir!”

La idea es escribir sobre tus preferencias, reconociendo lo malo de lo que te gusta y lo bueno de lo que no te gusta. If you would like to share your work, email me, or simply put it in the YouTube comments. Podría ser valioso y entretenido para nuestra pequeña comunidad leer sus ideas.

Hasta la próxima,

Ruth 🙂

Spanglish For Your Holiday. A great gift to get someone you love started with learning español. Click here.

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Ready for more? Listen to Joaquín Sabina’s wonderful song, Ruido with the lyrics. Then follow the link to the lesson from ELE and complete the tasks. ¿Tienes preguntas? Just drop me a line 🙂

Worth it, even if only for the competent clapping of a Spanish audience!

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