Learn Ukrainian

As we welcome thousands of Ukrainians to a safe place in our communities, learning a little of their language will help us to offer support and secure friendships. Please learn some Ukrainian. Dyakuyu.

Video lesson 1: Why do it? Learn to recognize spoken and written words such as hello, English, Ukrainian, and a little phrase that means “which one is it?” Support materials here.

Video lesson 2: Saying hello. Short dialogue using the words hello, good morning and come in. The materials also give you practice tracing the words in handwriting and in print. Download materials here.

Video lesson 3: Classroom items. Practice asking for water, paper, a pen, a pencil and scissors. Oksana is here for perfect pronunciation coaching. Also learn the words for please and thankyou. Materials here.

Video lesson 4: What I told the teachers. Make word associations to help you remember the words for hello, how are you?, good, (not) bad, please and thank you. Crib sheet here (2 per sheet).

Video of Ukrainian phrasebook for schools. Proof reading by Alexandra, and voiced by Victoria, this set of phrases has been prepared for staff working with younger children. Text here.