Pedro Rabbit

First of all, can I ask you, kind reader, to download my feedback form, complete it, and return it to the team using the email You will find the form in the 3rd row down of the actividades table below. I hope you enjoy!

Muchas gracias.

You might like to sit back and enjoy the video of the audio book. You might like to turn the sound off and allow children to read it themselves. You might like to pause the video on the full screen pictures so a child can tell you what just happened in the story. Feel free to share other lesson ideas in the comments under the YouTube video. Gracias.

Your feedback. Let me know who you are reading with and how you liked it. Muchas gracias.

Audio-visual story book

See and hear the story, so you can be sure of the pronunciation
Paperback book

Buy your copy of the book
Audio-visual notes for the grown-ups

See and hear all the notes
Story slide show for primary schools

Project the full story so you can read it together
The rabbits song and dance video

… and lyrics sheet
Mi casa colouring sheet

Pedro was relieved to get to his casa. Make your own Spanish casa welcome sign.
Mice and buttons song on Spotify
Debajo del botón.

And a file of the lyrics
Travieso means naughty, or traviesa if you are talking about a woman or a girl.
Practice saying this word and enjoy rolling the letter R with this fun rap
Magdalenas are deliciosas. Follow the link and get baking.
Magdalenas recipe

Be sure to send us tus fotos before you eat them all!
¡Qué susto! Vegetable game

Qué susto means what a fright. Collect la ensalada, but watch out for Señor McGregor!
Quizlet vocabulary flashcards

Play and learn mucho vocabulario
Scarecrow colouring

Un espantapájaros is a scarecrow. They are made from old clothes.
Rabbit and flowerpot magic trick

Señor McGregor looked for Pedro under the macetas, the flower pots.
It hid away song (con mi dedito)

Pedro se escondió, he hid away. Learn this vocabulario with this charming action song.
4 bonitas plantas song

Make your songs easy to understand by including some español, along with un poco de inglés. See how in the video.
Ears, arms, legs and tail song
This song is really good fun … as long as you are happy to let go of your inhibitions!
Animals dominoes game
Match pictures to words in this delightful game for up to four people. Print and stick to card for best effect.
Head, waist, knees and feet song from Let’s Sing and Learn Spanish by Neraida Smith