GCSE Spanish Speaking Exam Preparation … The Roleplay and The Photocards!

Download the presentation and take the time to copy the phrases that you can use across the board.

Watch the video. This includes all Spanish – English translations.

Navigate to the roleplay of your choice using the chapters on the video.

Learn the questions and use the suggested answers to help you prepare things you want to say.

Navigate the photocards using the chapters on the video.

Improve your confidence in Spanish with easy reading.

Easy Spanish Reader
Easy Spanish reader

Buy your copy.

Good luck with your GCSE Spanish, and good luck with your studies generally. Ready for more? Try these lessons to keep improving your español.

Get to grip with the best Spanish phrases you will ever learn! Where? Your favourite Netflix series of course!

Enjoy your shows in Spanish with full print outs of the scripts in English and Spanish dual texts.

The future tense in Spanish is easy, and it is a big mark winner. There are only 12 irregulars and they are easy to learn and use.

Learn these 12 irregular verbs in just 3 easy groups. Also enjoy learning how easy the reflexive verbs are in the future.

Please click the like button on my videos to give me a little smile when I check how they are doing. Muchas gracias, Ruth x

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