GCSE Spanish Speaking Exam THE HELP YOU NEED!!!

Watch the video to get used to the questions and hear plenty of suggested answers for each. There are 8 questions per theme, with answers for each in multiple parts. You will be able to use or adapt many of the suggestions.

Don’t forget to download the PDF. You will be able to use it to make flashcards and really get to know the content. Whether you are doing your GCSE Spanish, or simply advancing your Spanish conversations, it is as well to be really familiar with these questions so that you can talk with confidence.

Get comfortable with Spanish with this super easy reader. It starts in a blend of English and Spanish, progressing to a richer mix of Spanish as you move through the book. This is learning without the effort, and you can finish the book in quite a short time. Read a sample or buy your copy today.

Easy Spanish Reader
Easy Spanish reader

Complete your preparation for Spanish conversation with two more tasks.

The roleplays are guided conversations for you to prepare … some of them are conversations with an imaginary friend (!) and there are others in a shop, a ticket office, a restaurant or a travel agency. Learn the questions and answers for each one, then adapt them as needed when you get into the real situation.

The photocards have some questions that you can prepare in advance. You will always be asked to describe the picture, then there are a couple of questions related to the theme of the photocard … questions that you are given in your preparation time. You will also be asked a couple of questions that you are not given in your preparation time. Get used to these examples. Whatever you are asked shouldn’t be too different from these examples.

Good luck with your GCSE Spanish. Have fun chatting in Spanish. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments of the videos, and share them with your friends … then you will be able to practice together. Gracias.

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