Many people began learning Ukrainian when war broke out in February 2022. As people finish the course on Duolingo, we can easily reduce the amount of time put into studying.

When I finished writing “My Big Book of Ukrainian Exercises,” … when all the proofs were done and the publishing had begun, I found I lost direction with my learning. I visited a Ukrainian friend which I always find inspiring, and then I decided to put my feelings into words.

I went back to Duolingo, and the first sentence it gave me to practice was a clear sign to me that I need to JUST KEEP GOING! I made a short video of some of the sentences I want to learn this week, and you can download the script, watch the video and learn with me.

Watch the video and learn these useful sentences.

If you think it might help you to revise the basics of Duolingo, why not try My Big Book of Ukrainian Exercises.

Learning any language takes a lot of time. You have already put in a lot of time, but you haven’t got the results yet. You can’t enjoy a good chat in Ukrainian. (This is me, talking to me by the way, you might be different). In order to get the results, and make good on the investment you have already put in, you need to KEEP GOING.

Believe in yourself. You can do it.

If you have kindly read this post, I would welcome comments here, or on the YouTube video, about what you are doing to KEEP LEARNING UKRAINIAN.


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