La pronunciación de español

There are lots of words that are similar en español and inglés.  And if you know how to say them so they sound español then you can make enormous strides forwards as a beginner.


Ñ makes a sound like the ny in canyon, or like the ni in onion.  En español they do have la letra n aswell and that makes a sound like our n.  Try saying these words:

  • acompañar = come with
  • cuenta = the bill
  • recomienda = you recommend
  • señor = Mr
  • cinco personas = 5 people


La letra G es muy complicada, so let’s take it step by step.  When the next letter is e, g makes a H sound.  Try saying:

  • inteligente (in-telly-hen-tay)
  • vegetariano (be-he-tarry-ano) = vegetarian
  • vegetales (be-he-ta-les) = vegetables


La letra H es muda, mute.


L on its own makes a normal “l” sound, like in the word exelente.  Get 2 together and they make a “y” sound en español.  Listen to unos ejemplos in this video.


La letra “V” makes a “B” sound en español.


Las letras “QU” make a “k” sound.  Not like en inglés where most often they make a “kw” sound … think queen, quiet and quantum.  En inglés they do sometimes make a “k” sound, like in antique and quayside.  En español it is always “k”.


J always makes a “h” sound.  Jo jo jo … that is what Santa says at Navidad!

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