Expose yourself to español!

I don’t know = no sé, and it sounds like “no say”. Well, if you don’t know, you don’t say … no sé!
No sé si estudiar español by reading, leyendo esta página (say “pa-hee-na”) te resulta difícil o no. I hope, ojala (say “ohala”) that you can leer y absorber el lenguaje by exposure to español, without too many problemas.

I think that lenguaje is one of the principal skills de la raza humana (say “oomana”). I have noticed that personas with very low IQs hablan. It is almost más difícil not to learn un lenguaje if you are exposed to it. So as long la manera of getting that exposure doesn’t involve mucho work, and especialmente if you can comprender most of it, you will be able to make up the rest as you go along.
If you have got to este punto yo recomendaría that you begin to listen to some español.

  • Do you use Spotify? Browse to the charts and find Spain on the international charts. Or browse to Latino and then choose el tipo de música que te gusta, that you like en español.
  • Work at una computadora? Put on la radio en español. For música de pop: Los 40, y for la música clásica: RTVE.   
  • Still use DVDs (say “day, oobay, days”)? Once in a while choose to listen to a film en español with English subtitles.  It doesn’t have to be an arty Spanish film … no importa.  It can be Forest Gump and you are still listening to people hablando en español.

Poco a poco los sonidos y el ritmo del lenguaje entran la mente, enter the mind.  Keep coming back to Spanglish Fantastico to leer español and learn new words.  Combinar este exposure with uno de mis recomendaciones for listening.  Enjoy español.

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