“NO” a la perfección

Es posible comunicar con español y inglés

Español, español, español.  Don’t worry.  Es posible comunicar, that’s all that matters.


Don’t correct other people

Maybe, when you went to el colegio, there were profesores or estudiantes that corrected you whenever you opened your boca.  That tipo of thing can put you right off.  I hate it when people correct each other’s español!  It bugs la vida out of me!

En mi opinión, if people do that then they are listening for you to make an error (and I don’t completamente believe in errores anyway).  What I want to occurir when dos personas speak inglés, español, or any other lenguaje, is comunicación.  I don’t want to witness people exhibiting un complejo de la superioridad instead of listening for el mensaje.

Who can definir what is correcto anyway?  Aren’t there lots of kids’ jokes basado en la idea de un profesor who jumps in to corregir a un estudiante, only to be shown up because the correction was wrong …

  • Johnny, start a sentence with I …
  • I is …
  • No Johnny, we say I am.
  • Ok, I am the ninth letra del alfabeto.


Don’t be hard on yourself

So, no me gusta when una persona critica las frases de otra persona en mi clase.  Another thing que no me gusta is the self-criticism that can stop us from just talking.  La idea que es necesario to speak in some imaginaria “español perfecto” appalls me.  It is an unattainable, elitist concepto, basado on the worst tipo de sistema educativa.

La manera inteligente to approach learning un lenguaje is to get on with it primero, and years later, you can perfeccionar your vocabulario and gramatica if you so desear.

To sum up:  how can you posiblemente start off with the required standard set at LA PERFECCIÓN?  ¡Claro!  You bloody can’t, simple as that!  So por favor, don’t look for it from others or from yourself, and you can begin to hablar español.

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