Face Time (La técnica inteligente)

I wrote this guía with my partner, to give to my daughter, mi hija.

Hija is a difícil word.  You have to say “ee-ha”.

Mi hija was using face time to conversar con amigas, and personas who I considero to fall a bit short of being true amigas.  My partner and I wanted to give a mi hija some advice to help her to stay safe from posible (say “po-see-blay”) online bullying.  We came up with cinco reglas.  Here they are.

  1. Only face time con personas who have visitado la casa to play.
  2. No usas facetime en tu dormitorio, so if bullying happens you are not sola.
  3. No respondes a questions like “Do you like Bob?”  Es posible that Bob está listening to la conversación.  It is a nasty question, so keep your “nasty” radar switched on, and be preparada para terminar la conversación if la otra persona says something that triggers your “nasty” radar.  Probablemente no es nada, but it is better to terminar la conversación than to continuar.
  4. Calidad is better than cantidad.  Have a few good amigos.  Trying to be a close amiga to everyone no es inteligente (say “in-telly-hen-tay”).  Mantén contacto con tus amigos that are close to you, and if they are not available, do something else.
  5. Have unas estrategias para terminar conversaciones.
  • I have to go.
  • I´ve got my tea.
  • We´re going out.
  • Mi madre wants me.
  • I can´t hear you.
  • I  have to do the dishes.
  • Mum´s putting a film on.
  • My gran has just arrived.


I hope estas ideas will help keep mi hija safe from bullying.

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