Señor Mago goes to el supermercado

Why not introducir un poco de Spanish in story time.  My daughter did not want to hear stories in Spanish, but she was happy for a word or two to be in Spanish if she could understand from context, repetición and similarities to inglés.

Here is a puppet show I did for children under the age of 6.  Puppets are great for conversación if you are teaching on your own, so why not pick up a sock, give him un nombre and a couple of eyes, and you are away!

Here is a script for a children’s show … feel free to add to it and do encourage los niños to join in with you.  You can enjoy the story yourself by watching my tremendous video, but I do encourage you to have a go at collecting the props and performing it yourself.  Go on … it’s fun!

Señor Mago goes to el supermercado

Look at my dog … Mira mi perro


When niños begin school they have to work on their fine motor skills.  I gave a class and asked children in years 1, 2 and 3 to trace letters and colorear animales.  Here are some suggested steps for la clase.  I include British Sign Language as it helps form a bridge between the 2 lenguajes, and because children responden positivamente when they are asked to be physical.

  1. Circle time.  Este animal is called un perro en español.  What is un perro called in English?  What noise does un perro make?  Put your hand up if you have un perro.  Copy me when I do the British sign language for un perro, like this:
  2. Repetir step one with the words for duck, pato; cow, vaca; and pig, cerdo.  Follow the links to see how to make the signs for estos animales.
  3. Choose random animales from the four that you have presentado, and when you say them, ask los niños to sign them.
  4. Say random animales en español, and ask los niños to show you the sign for them.

I gave imágenes of the four animales to los niños to colorear and to trace the words.  You can download un documento here: Cuatro animales

I hope that you will enjoy los imágenes that los niños coloreararon en mi clase.  You can see how I finished mi clase: I pointed to un niño who held up their imágen.  I said “Mira mi perro,” (or whatever animal it was) and los niños made el sonido de este animal.  You can hear how they enjoyed it, and I hope your niños enjoy this too.