Señor Mago goes to el supermercado

Why not introducir un poco de Spanish in story time.  My daughter did not want to hear stories in Spanish, but she was happy for a word or two to be in Spanish if she could understand from context, repetición and similarities to inglés.

Here is a puppet show I did for children under the age of 6.  Puppets are great for conversación if you are teaching on your own, so why not pick up a sock, give him un nombre and a couple of eyes, and you are away!

Here is a script for a children’s show … feel free to add to it and do encourage los niños to join in with you.  You can enjoy the story yourself by watching my tremendous video, but I do encourage you to have a go at collecting the props and performing it yourself.  Go on … it’s fun!

Señor Mago goes to el supermercado

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