Spanish Cognate Poemas

Cognates are words that are similar en inglés y en español (en nuestro caso). They make learning español easier, porque hay muchos.

If you have estudiado cognates at all, you may have noticed some patterns. Por ejemplo, words that end with the letters -ty en inglés, often end with -idad en español: actividad, necesidad, comunidad …

These similar endings make it easy to write poemas with cognates. Here are some I created.

I got my cognates for these poemas from the Big Red Book of Spanish Vocabulary, which you can buy by clicking this image.

You don’t have to comprar un libro to find Spanish cognates. One site you might like se llama SpanishCognates.Org and you can find grupos de palabras organizados by word ending. Just search by word ending. Write us un poema … if you ask me to I will try to feature your work on a future video.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and above all, enjoy learning and speaking español.

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