La familia de Ruth

Every evening I meet Maxi, normalmente en el bar, to talk about this and that.

Normalmente.  Pronunciar this word /nor-mal-men-tay/.


Mi marido Lee, and mi stepdaughter Elise, go to el gimnasio opposite los apartamentos.  Maxi’s son, Diego, y mi daughter, Izzy, generalmente play or conversar together.

The letter “g” es normalmente like the letter “g” in the word good.  BUT, GE makes a /he/ sound, so generalmente es /hen-e-ral-men-tay/.  AND, GI makes a /hi/ sound, so gimnasio es /him-na-sio/.

As you read about mi familia, and our vacación, you will become familiar with a little español.  To begin with, use this español mixed with inglés to get to your goal: comunicación.


Te toca: your turn.

Actividades para tí.

Grab a scrap of papel, and scribble down some español personalizado.

1. Say what you normally eat for breakfast

Eg. Normalmente I have museli for breakfast.

2. Say if you go to the gym

Eg. I used to go to el gimnasio.

3. Write down any español you already know

Eg. Numbers, greetings, food and drink.


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