Spanglish to learn Spanish

Read the left side and enjoy understanding español. Use the right side if you need it to help you.

In the 1970s and 1980s un señor que se llama Stephen Krashen developed a theory about como los humanos aprenden lenguaje. Aprenden means they learn, like what apprentices are supposed to do!

un señor = a man

que se llama = who is called

como los humanos aprenden = how humans learn

There are a couple of words that mean understand en español: comprender and entender both mean to understand. Entender reminds me of the Entente Cordiale which was meant to mean Friendly Understanding … Wikipedia tells me that was un acuerdo diplomático between the UK y Francia, signed en el año 1904.

en español = in Spanish

comprender = to understand

entender = to understand

un acuerdo diplomático = a diplomatic agreement

en el año = in the year

Back to the main theme of como los humanos aprenden lenguaje: en la opinión de Stephen Krashen el lenguaje that you can comprender o entender is the only mechanism that results in the increase of underlying competence.

como los humanos = how the humans

aprenden lenguaje = they learn languaje

en la opinión de = in the opinion of

comprender o entender = understand or understand (!)

En mi opinión es importante for us students, estudiantes, to focus on lenguaje that we can entender and that carries meaning for us. It is good, sí, está bien, entender a sentence like “Él no quiere tomar el tren,” … he no want to take the train. But a sentence like that in isolation doesn’t carry meaning for us, so it doesn’t easily become una parte de nuestra conversación. Nuestra means our. I like that word. Nuestra conversación.

en mi opinion es importante = in my opinion it’s important

estudiantes = students

lenguaje = language

sí, está bien = yes, it’s good

el no quiere tomar el tren = he doesn’t want to take the train

una parte de nuestra conversación = a part of our conversation

El otro aspecto of lenguaje that we can both entender, and that has SIGNIFICADO for us, is it more interesante, more satisfying to entender, and we can forget about el lenguaje y concentrar on the message, el mensaje, allowing el lenguaje to lodge in our brains without the useless effort of boredom.

el otro aspecto = the other aspect

significado = meaning

concentrar = concentrate

el mensaje = the message

About la autora.

I have come to esta idea having taught lenguaje since 1998 … ¡mucho tiempo! The word for I think is pienso. It is like pensive, and you are full of thoughts when you are pensive, right?

Pienso que el uso de Spanglish provides a good bridge to help you cross from inglés to español. Spanglish gives us una manera para completar nuestros mensajes before you have enough español para comunicar all your ideas, and I hope that by using Spanglish you will get to ese gol mucho más rápido.

¡Let la clase comenzar!

la autora = the author

esta idea = this idea

mucho tiempo = a lot of time

pienso que el uso de = I think that the use of

inglés = English

español = Spanish

una manera para completar nuestros mensajes = a way to complete our messages

ese gol = that goal

mucho más rápido = much more quickly

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