Private lessons

Beginners 1

Topics include meeting people, asking and giving your name, formal and informal Spanish, saying what you do, talking about nationalities, talking about family, spelling words out, playing with numbers 1-12, gender of nouns, present tense verbs and words for “the.” Suitable for absolute beginners and those who would like to revise some basics.

Beginners 2

Topics include food and drink in bars and restaurants, the verbs to want, to live and to have, how to ask and say what there is, saying where you are from, where you live and where you work, spelling your name and address, talking about bars, restaurants and places in Spain, playing with numbers 1-100, and using the words for “a” and “some.” Suitable for beginners who can already confidently ask for and give their name, and for those who would like to revise some basics.

Beginners 3

Topics include asking and saying where places are, asking and saying where you are from, talking about distances and saying what places are like, saying where someone is, asking for and giving directions, talking about towns, cities and amenities, saying where things are in relation to each other, using two different verbs for “to be,” and playing with numbers 1-1000,

Elementary 4

Topics include booking into a hotel, days of the week, months and dates, describing places and saying what there is, describing houses, rooms, furniture, ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.), talking about buying and selling houses and apartments in Spain, when to use “ser” and when to use “estar,” making adjectives match the number and gender of the noun. This is for people who have made progress with beginners’ Spanish and would like to improve.

Elementary 5

Topics include talking about what you do, your working routine, household chores and what you do to relax. Have an extensive look at how verbs work in the present tense. This level also includes describing people, telling the time, talking about differences in English and Spanish opening hours and cognate awareness to improve your vocabulary.

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