Top 100 words

Words featured from the 100 most frequently used words en español.  You can:

These are the words, las palabras, that are más comunes en spoken español.  Although there are many miles de palabras en español, these palabras make up un gran porcentaje of what you may hear.

Para comenzar, here you have la lista from número uno to número cien.  I have incluído un ejemplo for every palabra.  Me gustan los ejemplos.  Ejemplos give the first idea de contexto, so they give you la primera oportunidad to get to know la palabra.  ¡A comenzar! Here are las primeras diez palabras. To get to know them, click them e investigar un poco más.

  • El = the
  • Es = he is, she is, it is
  • Y = and
  • En = in, on, at
  • Lo = it, him

Mis estudiantes have often told me that the little palabras are difíciles.  ¡Claro!  It is easier to aprender, to learn, that una taza is a cup because it is easy to imaginar una taza.  We all use una taza every day.  You might have una taza de té or una taza de café in your hand right now, en ese momento.

Es más difícil to imaginar anything for the little palabras, so it is más difícil to make them stick.  What is more, these little palabras tend to be more versatile.  They have más funciones.  They might have many roles.

Es mi intención to bring these little palabras out of the dark, and give you some frases to hang them on so they become a little bit easier. 

Click one of las palabras to continuar. ¿Qué? is una buena palabra to start with.

One thought on “Top 100 words

  1. I like the phrase “no fue yo” = it wasn’t me. I like the Shaggy song … she caught me on the counter (no fue yo) even caught me on camera (no fue yo). I remember having a taste of the pudding leaving a scoop right out of the middle and denying it to mi mamá (no fue yo). She asked me if it tasted nice: oh yes, delicioso I said. I was 4!


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