Day 54

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100 days of Spanish

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Tasks today:

  1. Watch video and take notes. You will learn sentences like this one: “Esa palabra es nueva para mí.”
  2. Print out 36 questions to fall in love en inglés y en español, un regalo para ti.
  3. Go to the video on Day 49 (click here) and try to win a book
  4. Go to the video on Day 16 (click here) and revise the first communication técnicas I gave you
  5. Check out the presentation of the grammar from The Language Tutor, Danny Evans, that got me really clear on my spelling POR FIN!!! Gracias, Danny. Click here.

It all starts with this video here, Day 54! If you do nothing else, watch this!

Some really nice sentences to use here, such as, “Tengo un regalo para ti.”

Check out my notes … and copy the bits you would like.

Practice using estas frases to improve your comunicación

Print off this PDF for your regalo … las treinta y seis preguntas para enamorarse, the 36 questions to fall in love

Last thing, you might like to go to your app store and download the game, 4 fotos 1 palabra. It is fun and can improve your vocabulario.

Search on your app store

Click on the link to Day 55 for a discussion of language at the dinner table. Should it be español o inglés?

Link to Day 55

One last thing, if you haven’t already done it, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Help me to help you hablar español.

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