How I learn Ukrainian

For me learning takes a lot of focus. I focus best when I am writing. I may have ideas about learning when I am out for a walk or at work, but then I need to come home and get it down in print. In this document you can read my thoughts, questions, investigations and answers as I go through the list of Ukrainian vocabulary in the sports lesson of the Duolingo course. I want this to be vocabulary that I can use, rather than only be able to recognise. Download the document to see how I do it.

Find out more about any words you like with this Ukrainian dictionary. (I copy information from it to Google Translate). A great tool.

The sports vocab is in the second half of the Duolingo Ukrainian course. I made my notes from the first half of the course into a book. I wrote this book while on sabbatical, and worked harder than I have ever worked before, putting in 14 hour days and using the feedback from dozens of people to get the book to the highest level of accuracy before I published it. It has really helped my learning, and I hope it can help other people’s learning too. Buy “My Big Book of Ukrainian Exercises” here.

Notes to learn Ukrainian vocabulary (sports lesson from Duolingo)

Американський футбол  A clear cognate.  Easy.

Бігати підтюпцем.  Бігати = To run.  підтюпцем = Jogging. 

I want to know more!  підтюпцем!

ПІДТЮПЦЕМ Дрібними швидкими кроками. = JOGGING Small quick steps.

Грицько підтюпцем побіг до брата Труськом.  = Hrytsko jogged to his brother Trusko. 

Вигравати = To win.  To me, break it down and you get Ви = You.  гравати = Play.  I want it to mean lose, but no, it means win.

Гра = Game

Гравець = Player

Грати = Play

I want to ask Ukrainian experts about the difference between грати and гравати.  A quick post on the wonderful Ukrainian Learners Group on Facebook and we will see what they say!

Wikipedia tells me:

“Ukrainian verbs can have one of two aspects: imperfective and perfective. The imperfective form denotes an action that is taking place in the present, is ongoing, is repetitive, or is habitual. The perfective form indicates an action that is completed, is the result of an action, is the beginning of an action, or is shorter or longer than usual. For example, спати (sleep) is imperfective, while поспати is perfective.”

Квиток = Ticket.  This seems like a revision word from the transport unit.

Команда = Team.

М’яч = Ball.  It sounds like match, so that is a strong association.

Плавати = To swim.  I hear part of the word splash in there, which helps.

Поле = Field. 

Популярний = Popular.  It’s a cognate.

Програти гру = To lose a game.  Про = About.  грати = To play.  гру = Game (accusative case)  Again, I kind of expect it to mean the opposite of what it does, but accept the definition as it is, of course.

Просто = Just.  Not sports related.

Скоро = Soon.  Not sports related.

Фітнес зал = Gym.  It sounds like fitness hall, or close enough.

Фітнес тренування = Fitness training.  This is a cognate.

ГравецьАмериканський футболБігати підтюпцем
КомандаГратиФітнес тренування
ПопулярнийСкороПрограти гру
ВиграватиФітнес зал 

I recognise them all!

Can I recall them?

Бігати підтюпцем will be tricky.  під means under.  Google translate guesses тюпцем might mean with a thud, but changes its translation when you flip it.  Again, Google translate guesses тюп might mean stupid, but that doesn’t hold when you flip it. 

Learning Ukrainian vocab takes focus from a curious mind!  I can do it!!

Not bad.  Непогано. I made mistakes, Я зробив помилки з:

  1. Популярний
  2. Американський футбол
  3. Фітнес тренування
  4. Програти гру

Looks like I got win and lose a bit mixed up in my mind 😊 I will make a flashcard for them 😊

Enjoy your learning!

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