Short story in English and Ukrainian to help with reading and pronouncing Ukrainian.

“Ukraine your brain” by listening to this short story. The Ukrainian is spoken slowly and clearly, giving you the chance to copy the pronunciation. You can also read the story solo … just print out your own copy from the download button below.

Watch the video and hear Yevheniia read the Ukrainian text in her beautiful slow, clear voice. Make sure you take the opportunities to both:

  • Listen, pause and repeat; and
  • To sit back and enjoy the reading.
A Ukrainian story in simple language with the English sentences read too, so you can understand everything. Listen, pause, repeat and continue. You could even make a complete recording of yourself reading the story in Ukrainian using the voice recorder on your phone.

If you are part of any Ukrainian support groups, please encourage other members to learn a little Ukrainian. It is only intimidating until you begin, and then you realise it is not so difficult, not so foreign … and it is a beautiful way to show your support to guests and new people in our communities.

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