Ukrainian – English Cognates are a GREAT WAY to Learn the Ukrainian Alphabet.

Learn and practice the Ukrainian alphabet.

First practice with the individual letters sheet to trace and trace again.

Then practice recognising words. Cognates are words that are similar in two languages and there are hundreds of them in Ukrainian. Cognates are a great way for us and our students to get used to the new alphabet.

Watch the video below on how to make best use of your PDF for learning.

Playing games with language is a great way to learn. Anything that helps you and your learners pay more attention to the target language items will be a winner. Choose the cognates you would like to work with, and start playing!

Please keep an eye on the blog for more useful content coming soon.

If you would like to take your studies further right now …

For beginners, why not have a look at the mini course. Just watch the videos and follow the instructions.

Already got started? Settle into some gentle listening and reading with these meditative LingQ style lessons.

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