Navidad en España

Let’s go to España and have a little look at how they celebran la Navidad!

Around the middle of diciembre you will see nativity scenes going up in homes, pueblos and cities.  If you happen to be in el norte de España you might notice an unexpected figurine:  El caganer is a shepherd having a poo … perhaps not exactamente what José and María wanted so close to the newborn bebé Jesús!

Diciembre rolls on and in the fiestas and social visits people give and eat turrón.  Turrón is a sweet made of honey, almonds and egg.  ¡Delicioso!

El veintidós de diciembre (22/12) España gives its atención to “El Gordo”.  This is one of the biggest lotteries in Europa.

The next big evento is La Nochebuena … Christmas Eve is when familias have a big meal, go to midnight mass … La misa del Gallo … the mass of the rooster if you translate it literally.  Papá Noel turns up and leaves a present for los niños, but perhaps just one.

El Día de los Inocentes sees people playing jokes on each other, like we do on April Fools’ Day, and then it’s La Nochevieja … New Year’s Eve … with fiestas and el costumbre of eating 12 lucky grapes … las uvas de la suerte.

It isn’t until el seis de enero … 6/01 that Los Reyes Magos turn up with the bulk of the presents for los niños.

Navidad en España.. Click this link to download the presentation and documentos so you can deliver this clase.

¡Feliz Navidad!

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