We’re still en el bar. 

We’re still en el bar.  It’s late.

Maxi explica un poco más de su divorcio.­ “I am contenta.  Diego está contento – lo más importante.  And I think Jaime está contento.”

Contento, contenta

Diego is contento, because he is masculino.  The –o changes to an –a for Maxi, because she is feminine.  Maxi está contenta.


Maxi decide to cambiar the subject.­ “Mi divorcio no es lo importante.  Lo importante es we have got a puppy!”


En inglés you /de-sighed/ (take a big sigh!)  En español you /de-see-day/

We have all nearly terminado our drinks.  I ask if we are ready to go, generalmente a todos.­ “¿Vamos?  Can we come and meet your puppy, Maxi?­”

“Sí, sí.  Claro.  Vamos.”

Yes and no

Yes = sí /see/  No = no but with a shorter sound, like “not without the “t”.  Claro is a nice word too.  It means: Of course.


It is a walk of aproximadamente 5 cinco minutos a Los Apartamentos del bar.  La noche is cool, and everyone is contento.


Partes del día

  • Mañana /man-ya-na/ = morning, or tomorrow
  • Tarde /tar-day/ = afternoon, or late
  • Noche /no-chay/ = night

We pop into Maxi’s apartamento to meet the puppy before we say buenas noches.  The puppy is adorable and full of energia /e-ner-hia/.  It seems to be mostly Labrador, and it is called Luna.


En español words ending in –able all have the sonido /a-blay/, which would rhyme with “car play”.  Such words incluyen: acceptable, considerable, inevitable, y más.


Te toca – Your turn

Actividades para ti

Grab a scrap of papel, and scribble down some español personalizado.  (There are so many syllables in Spanish.  Per-so-na-li-sa-do has 6).

1. Choose a man, un hombre, and una mujer, and say what makes them happy:

Eg. El gimnasio /him-na-sio/makes Lee contento, and eating in nice restaurantes makes my mum contenta.

2. Note down the circunstancias that make you say “Let’s go!”

Eg. When the pool gets too busy I say “¡Vamos!”


3. Decide /de-see-day/ when morning, afternoon and evening are for you:

Eg. Mañana is from 7am, not before.  Tarde is … and noche is … until ….


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