The Bridge From English To Español

Learn español by reading español. As you progress there is less inglés and more español. These books are the natural way for you to reach your goal: FLUENCY EN ESPAÑOL. The journey comienza aquí.

3 books to begin your language learning journey
Pedro Rabbit, for ages 7 -11
Jokes for ages 11+
Phrasebook for parents and teachers
Reading for children, their parents and their teachers
Mixing languages is the most natural way to learn.
Author Ruth Darby making learning easier for beginners.
Meet your author. Ruth Darby, aka Lucía Corazón. “I love writing books to make language learning accessible.”

What readers say about these libros y este sistema.

About Jokes: My son and I have started to learn Spanish and we have found this book very helpful. The jokes and the intermingling of Spanish and English make the learning easy, interesting and memorable. I’d highly recommend this book. – An Amazon Customer

About Learn Spanish in a week: I really like the Spanglish concept. It helps you to build on the Spanish since you can understand the concept of the sentences and conversation. Also, the subject matter of this book is very useful. For me, this was a great support resource while on my journey for learning Spanish.

About Spanglish Fantastico: Excellent read. Just as Ruth says, you start reading in English/Spanish and then without really knowing you are doing it, you are reading AND understanding mainly in Spanish. Great read.