Practice your skills

Read and listen to Spanglish.  You can:

  • just relax, read and listen
  • read and take notes of the Spanish words you would like to remember
  • make notes about what you have heard, in Spanglish, at the end of each section.


Plenty more to read and listen to here.

Vocabulario: the 100 más comunes words en español.  You can:

  • Play the audio of la frase
  • Read el canto out loud
  • Try to imaginar el contexto for each call in the call and response.  The more detalles that you can imaginar the easier it will be for you to memorizar la frase.

One of las palabras (words) más comunes is ahora.  Ahora = now.  Hora on its own is hour or time, so I quite like it that ahora = now.  El canto is here below, and el video will give you la pronunciación.

  • It’s fancy dress at school today …
  • ¡Ahora me lo dices!
  • I can’t afford it anymore …
  • ¡Ahora me lo dices!
  • I haven’t got an actual driving license …
  • ¡Ahora me lo dices!
  • None of them speak English …
  • ¡Ahora me lo dices!

Plenty more vocabulario to learn here.

Sing along!  You can:

  • Read the lyrics in Spanish and English
  • Play the song and listen
  • Play it again and try to sing along

Con mi dedito, digo: si, si = With my little finger I say yes yes
Con mi dedito digo: no, no = With my finger I say no no
Digo, digo: si, si = I say I say yes yes
Digo, digo: no. No = I say I say no no
Y este dedito se escondió = And this little finger hides itself

(Repeated with piecito = little foot, and cabeza = head).

More songs to sing along with here.

Pronunciation focus.  You can:

  • make notes about how to say the sound
  • write down some ejemplos of Spanish words that have that sound
  • write down how you think the sound would be spelled en inglés

Here are some ejemplos of sentences and frases that incluyen la palabra “en”.

  • Él está en el hotel = He is in the hotel
  • Deja el libro en la mesa = Leave the book on the table
  • Vivo en el norte de Inglaterra = I live in the north of England

More sounds to help improve your pronunciación here.