Unit 1.


PASOS is a best selling Spanish course by Rosa María Martín and Martyn Ellis, published by John Murray Learning. It is for “adult learners who are either starting from scratch or who have a basic knowledge of the language.” Ruth Darby is a Spanish teacher from England who began teaching with the PASOS course in 2009.

My videos can NOT teach you the PASOS course unless you have bought the PASOS COURSE PACK. The course pack includes the text book, the answer booklet, the audio CDs, the transcript booklet and a bonus DVD. Click this link to make your purchase, or search for the PASOS 1 COURSE PACK on Amazon.

¿Preparado? Check the checklist!

  • You have your book, el libro. You have the transcripts and the audio (cd or digital download).
  • You have una hora so that you can estudiar.
  • You are ready with your pen, papel, cup of café o té and you are ready to hit the pause button (for when you need to make a note or completar una actividad). Muy bien, then let us commence! ¡Comenzamos!

You have studied the lesson. Now test yourself!

Can you say the following things en español? Check you can still say them at the end of today, tomorrow morning and just before you study lesson 2.

If you have successfully completed Pasos Unit 1A you should be able to do these things without looking back at the book or at your notes 🙂

There are five more lessons in this unit.

Click here to pay and access them.

Audit your Spanish.

I think it is a great benefit to you to audit your Spanish  When we are at once aware, positive and realistic about our goals, it is easier for us to achieve them.  If you feel inclined to share your audit with me, it would help inform how I can support you and give me a way to measure the success of Spanglish Fantastico.  You can download the PDF audit document here. 

There are 62+ lessons and 2 tests in the PASOS course.  Each lesson will have a guide video, with me, of 20 minutes or more, but I will ask you to pause my video to complete the activities in the book, so each lesson could well be an hour or more.  It is for people who are ENTIRELY SERIOUS about learning Spanish.  Watch out for releases on my channel.  I must reiterate that I am not affiliated to the publishing house of Pasos. I am simply a qualified, experience teacher who is bringing the classroom experience into your home.