Pasos Unit 1.

Bringing the classroom home


PASOS is a best selling Spanish course by Rosa María Martín and Martyn Ellis, published by John Murray Learning. It is for “adult learners who are either starting from scratch or who have a basic knowledge of the language.” Ruth Darby is a Spanish teacher from England who began teaching with the PASOS course in 2009.

You need the PASOS COURSE PACK to be able to follow these lessons. You can purchase the pack by clicking this link. Don’t be put off by the price. This is a resource that takes almost 100 hours of study to complete, and you will have it for whenever you want to revise. It is good value for money.

Pronunciation, Prepárate and Sección 1a.

You must have the Pasos Course Pack to fully access this lesson.
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Materiales recomendados

It is a good idea to practice more of the same, from a different point of view. Danny Evans, The Language Tutor, provides open-access grammar lessons that are crystal clear and very helpful.

For every lesson video, I also have an open access conversation class. Based on the idea of learning a question and an answer, follow these classes to build your abilities to talk Spanish, to hablar español.

What to do now

Make sure you buy the course pack. You can buy the book and download the answer key and transcripts for free here. However, the audio downloads and the book are still more expensive than buying the course pack at the time of writing.

Write to me,, and tell me you want to buy Pasos Unit 1. Each unit of the book costs £10, which is just over $13. It is a fair price for a good product.

I will write back with a link where you can make payment and access the lessons. I will then write to you weekly (unless you request different), to ask about your progress and to initiate two/way feedback.

Unit 1 comprises of 5 video lessons with tips and signposting to augment your learning. The videos last about 20 minutes each, but with pausing each lesson is expected to take approximately 1 hour.