Dictionaries are here. Good for single words. Also útil for verb tables.

Collins Spanish Dictionary. More like un diccionario tradicional, with ejemplos y detalles that are not so immediately available elsewhere.

Wiktionary This is where I look to find the history of words and to help me make connections.

Google Translate. Sí, it makes errores sometimes, but I still find este muy útil. Most of the times I get a translation that I am muy contenta with and it is my favorito for checking frases completas rather than palabras individuales.

Cognates A useful site to look for words that are similar in both inglés y español.

Study sites and apps

Memrise. Memrise usa spaced repetición to help you learn and practica vocabulario. Learn la gramática with free, helpful lessons and online ejercicios.

Duolingo. Clases cortos in which you can gain points for answers correctas.

Televisión, radio and other media

Emisoras … una variedad de radio español. I like Los 40.

RTVE … Radio y Televisión de España. A few programas are blocked en Inglaterra, but there is a lot available on their catch up, A la carta. Try a long running soap opera, Cuéntame cómo pasó, a cookery show, or maybe some cookery. This fantastic site has transcripts of muchos de los programas too!