Secondary Spanish KS3

Lessons for Spanish teachers, Spanish supply teachers and home educators.  I have taught these classes with 11-12 year olds, but Key Stage 2 children could also benefit.  They are lessons for beginners onwards.





Lesson 1

Words you might already know, and how to say good morning, good afternoon and good evening.


Lesson 2

How to pronounce las letras LL, and say “What are you called?”, “I’m called Ruth, and you?”


Lesson 3  

Practice asking and answering “How are you?” then try the technique shown on the video to memorizar un diálogo completo en español.

Lesson about Christmas en España. 

As our curso de español began late into the Autumn term this was clase número 4 for us.  Obviamente, you will want to deliver esta clase as close to Navidad as you can!  Enjoy!


Lesson 5  

Revise what you have learned so far, then learn and practice saying, “Where do you live?” and “I live in Amble”.  And the letter “V” sounds like a “b”!

Lesson 6

Give los niños a go at being el profesor o la profesora as they practice number bonds to 10 diez.  They then go on to learn the numbers 11 – 20, and after that they can practice adding 10 diez to the numbers 1-10 and have another go at being the teacher.


Lesson 7

A lesson built around a test to help niños focus on what they have learned so far.


Numbers 1-20