Fiesta de Halloween

This is a youtube video guide to help you learn español and teach it to your niños. Click here to open the video.

In this video I explain how to preparar una fiesta de Halloween to help your niños learn un poco de español.

The key words are:

  • Bruja = witch, say “brooha”
  • Araña = spider, say “aranya”
  • Telaraña = spider’s web, say “telaranya”

Las actividades (keep track of los campeones)

  1. Preparar la casa or la clase by decorating it with araña chains or streamers.
  2. Escribir invitaciones to amigos, using un poco de español.
  3. Put araña and bruja pictures about for a competition: ask los niños to go and find
    1. ¿Qué color is araña número 1, 2, 3?
    2. ¿Qué animal does bruja 1, 2, 3 have?
  4. Make telaraña pictures on black papel, using glue and flour.  You have to wait until la telaraña is seca.  Who made a good one?
  5. Make imágenes de arañas or brujas on your plato with la comida.  Who can make a good araña or a great bruja?
  6. Sing “Las brujas de Halloween” song.
  7. Play the Simon Says game with Brujas.  Actions could include:
    1. fly on your broomstick
    2. stroke your cat
    3. cast a spell
    4. walk like a zombie
    5. stir the cauldron
    6. jump out and frighten someone
  8. Memorizar the short poema that teaches gracias and adiós … el adulto should take out one word at a time, and los niños keep trying to read the whole thing even with words covered.
  9. Celebrar with prizes.

The importante thing is to use español with los niños for words that they can guess from el contexto, or because they are very similar to the translation en inglés, without it ever being too difícil.  And claro, es importante to have fun!

Los documentos you might like to use can be downloaded here: Spanish fiesta de halloween PDF