Días are days

Un poco de español: Days of the week = Días de la semana

  • El primer día de la semana is Monday, which is lunes.  It comes from the word luna which means moon, and is also the nombre of Maxi’s puppy.
  • Tuesday is martes, which comes from el planeta Marte – Mars.
  • Wednesday is miércoles, which comes from el planeta Mercury – Mercurio /mer-coo-rio/.
  • Thursday is jueves, which comes from el planeta Júpiter (that’ll be /hoo-pi-ter/ because the “J” has a /h/ sound).
  • Friday is viernes, which comes from el planeta Venus /ve-noos/
  • Saturday is sábado, which comes from the Jewish festival day the Sabbath.
  • Sunday is domingo, which comes from the latín domínicus, meaning “of the lord”.

You can check out a daft video of me singing a días de la semana song on Youtube by clicking here.  Claro, there are muchos videos on Youtube to help you learn los días de la semana.


Un poco más: Lo importante es …

Lo importante es … means the important thing is ….  (The word “thing” en español es cosa, but it isn’t used here.)  So you can put together some frases interesantes, such as:

  • The important thing is the hotel:
    • Lo importante es el hotel /o-tel/.
  • The important thing is the menu:
    • Lo importante es el menu /me-noo/

This pattern works with other ideas too.

  • Lo interesante es …
  • Lo inteligente es … /in-te-li-hen-tay/
  • Lo estúpido es … /es-too-pi-do/