Day 86

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100 days of Spanish

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Today you can learn words about learning: how do we do it, what is the Spanish for signing up to a course, and what type of course would you like to sign up for? You are invited to guess what type of course I took to help me learn Spanish, but I will be surprised if anyone manages to guess! Find out in July 2020, when I talk to Dan Hall on his fabulous learning support channel.

Guess what I studied in Lima
Estudiar es un placer

Would you like a free book to help you learn Spanish? If you want a stress free way to improve your fluency, and you don’t feel ready for a Spanish novel, Spanglish Fantastico may be the perfect book for you. Find out how to get your copy by watching to the end of today’s video. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share my videos. You can email me at

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