Day 85

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100 days of Spanish

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Task one is to make a list of the Spanish words ending in -idad that you can think of. Watch the video and see if you can add to the list.

Listen to the video, and write down all the words that are connected with running and racing. Next, make a story board to show what happened in the race. Did you get the name of the Spanish runner?

Necesitamos ejemplos de la honestidad

Lastly, watch again and make a table of verbs in the present tense and verbs in the past and other tenses. You can use these verbs when you tell your own stories.

Write down the verbs in different tenses

Watch an interview with Ivan Fernandez Anaya, el corredor español. Click here.

Click on the link to Day 86 to hear about integrating yourself into a Spanish speaking group.

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