Day 82

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100 days of Spanish

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UAs you watch, make notes of the words for mother in law, father in law, son in law and daughter in law. When two people get married it usually unites two families, and the Spanish have special words to recognise the importance of these new people in the clan. They are important to people around the world, so build your relationships with the ability to show your curiosity and your desire to know more about the people you meet.

Learn the vocabulary

At the end of today’s video I tell a joke. It is a good idea to learn set pieces in your target language. The act of memorising and telling a joke or a story enhances your language abilities far beyond the joke or the story itself. Why not give this one a go? If you have no-one to tell it to, use your imagination to create your own audience. First comes the dream, then comes the reality, and inbetween the two is practice!

¿Tienes una suegra o un suegro? ¿Tienes un yerno o nuera?

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