Day 74

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100 days of Spanish

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In this video you can learn lots of Spanish words about memory like remember, forget, I’ve forgotten, as well as the things you need to do to help you remember. The first is get a pen and a piece of paper, so why not do that now? Then you can write down your favourite words that you want to make an effort with, so that you know that you know them!

¿Cómo recuerdas lo que necesitas rocordar?

Please comment on YouTube to tell me how your remember things you need to remember. I wonder what techniques people have that they can share. You could also let me know what your favourite word, phrase, question or moment was from today’s class.

Con mis más sinceras disculpas a Meriel. ¡Nunca te olvidaré de nuevo!

Click on the link to Day 75 to find out what to say when somebody is ill.

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