Day 73

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100 days of Spanish

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In this video you can learn words connected with learning, such as listen, read, book and understand. More than that, if you believe in my offering as a good way for people to absorb and acquire Spanish, and you believe enough to become an advocate for my work, I will tell you how to get my 375 page book, on Kindle, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE, SIN CARGO. Believe me, it is well worth it: a journey through beginners Spanish that will increase your fluency as it covers many of the basics in a friendly, conversational style. I think my favourite reviewer said of my work, “you just read it, and you don’t even realise you’re reading Spanish!” Just watch until the end for details of how you can get this fantastic stepping stone on your Spanish learning journey.

Which words do you like best today? ¿El mundo? ¿También? Tell me, I want to know!
Mi mamá me ama = My mum loves me … Isn’t that sweet!

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