Day 71 We have reserved a room

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100 days of Spanish

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Today I introduce a bit of Spanish grammar. It has a name … the present perfect tense. I don’t much care for the terminology around grammar, but I do like you to know how to use the sentences. Say you have studied, you have noted down and you have memorised your Spanish vocabulary … or say that you haven’t!

I take you to an imaginary hotel where we have reserved a room, but we haven’t paid. You get sorted with a room, then you have to go back to the receptionist and say that you have lost your keys. Fortunately, a little while later you can go back and say that you have found them.

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At the end of this lesson, you will have heard how to say all those sentences about what you have done. I hope you can imagine them being useful, that you can imagine yourself saying some of these things. I hope you try speaking these Spanish sentences. I think saying the Spanish phrases that you learn aloud, and imagining yourself using these sentences, are better learning techniques than listening to a teacher giving you las reglas gramáticas. Esa es mi opinión. I hope you like the video. If you do, click the little thumbs up like button to show your support!

Un poquito de la gramática … pero prefiero el diálogo. Will you write out el diálogo para mí? Send your work to I will respond.

Have a look at to help clarify the grammar, then come back tomorrow for more fluent and inspiring Spanish with me, Ruth Darby.

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