Day 70

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100 days of Spanish

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Today is day 70, setenta. We arrive at a hotel (what is the word for arrive?) Get your pronunciation perfect for words like room (habitación), reservación, vacaciones by getting your assy-on! Then build un diálogo con la recepcionista (or el recepcionista … do you know other words like this?) Decide which words, frases y momentos te han gustado más, and write it down, maybe in the comments below the video on YouTube …

What is the word for arrive?

Make notes of the words, phrases and moments you like. Si no escribes notas, don’t blame your memoria cuando no recuerdas lo que has escuchado.

Act out the dialogue. You don’t need a partner!

The song by Shakira that I mentionned … it is good to get into listening to songs, canciones en español.

Great to have the words in both languages! Enjoy.

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