Day 58

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100 days of Spanish

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Today is a celebration of you, and I have gifts, regalos, for everyone. On Day 49, cuarenta y nueve, I talked about reading. In 12, doce, comentarios, people said, “Me gustaría leer este libro.” Ahora que tengo cien suscritores en mi canal quiero regalar un libro a todos. Unfortunately, I can only send a paper copy to one lucky ganador, but I don’t want to leave anyone out, porque quiero decir “GRACIAS” a todos. So I am giving away the first 50, cincuenta días de mis notas, in one PDF. I am in the process of writing a book using these notas, y en mi opinión estas notas puede ser realmente útil para ti, y muchas personas have told me they love these notes. Por eso he decidido regalar mis notas a ti, porque todos son ganadores.

Note the words for gift and winner

Under I need you to write to me so I have your email, then I can send the files to you. You could even do it in Spanish! My address is I look forward to hearing from you, and I want to say one more time, mil gracias por aprender español conmigo. Now let’s get to 1000, mil, suscritores.

Quiero celebrar con ustedes

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