Day 56

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100 days of Spanish

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Watch the video and find out what the diferencia es entre “tú puedes” y “se puede.” I would be delighted if you get in touch and tell me … ¿entiendes la diferencia? Today, ask if you can park your car here, and ask if you can try these clothes on … or return them if you can’t try them on in the shop. This is useful lenguaje that you will be able to imagine yourself using, I am sure.

Sí se puede = Yes you can

The wonderful song I refer to is Viva Cesar Chávez by José Luis Orozco. I love his work, and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Buy his album Fiestas on Amazon, and check out my website for the lyrics in English and Spanish that I mention. Great for practising the past simple tú form, te prometo.

Just wonderful! Repeat after José.

Check today’s notes for phrases you can learn and imagine yourself using.

Your Spanish your way

Mañana I will presentar palabras about postition. Left, right, in front of, behind and opposite. Don’t miss it! Even if it is revision for you it will still be great listening practice … I look forward to it, and I hope you do too! Hasta mañana. Ruth Xx

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