Day 53

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100 days of Spanish

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We all meet people in our lives who go further to help us, to be kind. People who are generous with their time and generous with their attention. In this video I hope to give you some nice things to say to those people, and I hope that many of these wonderful beings cross your path as you travel through life, whatever language you happen to be using at the time.

Usted es muy amable

Use these notes to help you choose which words you would like to learn today. Note them down on a little memory card, and look at them often, just for today.

Y mil gracias to you, for watching, participating, learning and joining la comunidad de millones de personas que hablan español.

Vuelve mañana for 36 cool questions you can use for conversaciones with an exchange partner, and for ways to get the most from learning conversaciones.

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