Day 52

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100 days of Spanish

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Today is about finding a language exchange partner. Claro, hablo un poco de español, but the learning goal is not a specific set of words or phrases today … it is about getting that person who will talk Spanish contigo into your life. Gracias al internet, es muy fácil.

As you watch, listen out for the words:

* You can

* Find

* Meet

* Look for

and mi favorito de hoy … * We talked

Como encontrar un amigo

Enjoy the video, then check the notes for phrases and sentences that you can use para hablar de tus experiencias. Let me know if you have el coraje para buscar un amigo que habla español. If you feel too tímido, let me know, and I will help you any way I can.

Let me know if you can or can’t understand all this!

Questions for making conversation … en ingés y en español.

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