Day 48

100 days of Spanish

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Are you more of a tourist or a traveller? Do you carry a suitcase or a rucksack? Today, learn some important vocabulary, and learn how to say, “I want to reserve a bed for tonight.” There is a cool trick to help you remember that cama = bed, and if you are going to be in a dormitorio with bunk beds, you might like to ask your compañeros del camino, “¿Prefieres la litera de arriba o de abajo?”

Which words will you remember?

Compare my notes to yours … or just use mine! Remember, it is a good idea to pop these things down on a piece of paper you can put in your pocket. Then you have that help when you would like to revise the words and phrases later today.

You are not a dictaphone, and you don’t remember first time. You are human, so language grows organically. That means you have to encounter it more than once for your brain to assimilate it, so take the notes away with you.

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