Day 4: Funny Spanish

100 days of Spanish

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Task 1:

Teach someone the words for chimpanzee and seal: chimpancé y foca. Teach them by speaking, by social media, by text. It doesn’t matter who or how, just teach someone!

Task 2:

Tell someone you want to relax, and tell them you want an orange. Make it funny and make it silly. Record yourself and share it with someone … share it with me, by joining the group on Facebook. Look for “One hundred days of Spanish.”

Task 3:

Write up your own notes. You can use mine if you like … just copy out the bits you want. Or watch the video again, and do a better job of the notes than me!

Mañana … Day 5

Come back tomorrow … or maybe you want to do it now! On Day 5 you can learn how to say, “I want a drink with you” It is going to be fun. See you there!

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