Day 36: Getting the train

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100 days of Spanish

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Where does the train leave from might sound like a silly question, but there is often more than one station in a city. Today, imagine you are in Malaga and you want to do a day trip to Ronda. You have a conversation about it in the hotel bar with a local. She tells you: * You can go by train * The train leaves from Maria Zambrano station * It leaves at 10 and comes back at 5 * It costs 22 euros return You can do all this in Spanish already!

Keep studying Spanish, you are really learning this language now!

Make notes and look at them often. I look at my language learning notes while I cook, wash dishes, wait for the computer to start up, when I wake up and before I go to sleep. Why? Because I want to learn, and I don’t have a magic memory. It isn’t a chore because it doesn’t take long, and I like to imagine myself being able to speak another language. I want to make that desire become reality. Use my notes if you like.

Writing is a help

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